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Protection is in Your Hands

The simple practice of washing your hands protects you against germs and helps to prevent the spread of contagious illnesses. However, conventional handwashes contain chemicals, which, while eliminating germs, could leave behind residue. NanOlife Handwash is a 100% natural and highly effective alternative. It contains Silver – 100% Nanoparticles that ensure antibacterial hand hygiene for a longer duration.

Product Features
  • Enriched with powerful Silver – 100% Nanoparticles.
  • 100% natural antibiotic properties.
  • Completely free of synthetic chemicals.
  • Gentle on the sensitive, tender skin of children and elderly people.
Who can use it?
  • It´s ideal for everyday use at home.
  • Doctors, surgeons, nurses, healthcare workers, medical-device technicians, and dialysis machine handlers in hospitals.
  • Pharmacists and workers in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Directions for Use
Apply a small amount directly to your hands and rinse thoroughly with water.